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IEPD is pleased to be offering the following new courses:

Engineering for Preschoolers – 5 hours .5 CEU – available November 1, 2017!
The field of education in general, and early education in particular, is placing greater and greater emphasis on the importance of STEM education, which includes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  This training focuses on the E in STEM, the areas of STEM curriculum that focus on including engineering concepts: design, tools and machines, problem solving, and critical thinking.  During this training, educators will build a foundational understanding of engineering concepts and importance in child development, and then apply their understanding to designing their own developmentally appropriate engineering activities.

Extending Language & Supporting Literacy in Your Early Childhood Program (will be offered beginning January, 2018!) – 5 hours .5 CEU
Language and literacy is a vital part of learning.  In this course, participants will explore ways to provide a literacy rich learning environment for children 3-5 years of age.  A literacy rich environment includes considering and offering appropriate learning experiences, materials, and interactions that are responsive to children’s interests, strengths, and needs. Strategies support children of varying English language and literacy abilities, including children who are dual language learners.  Elements of CLASS™, the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale, and integration of child assessment results will be embedded in the course content.

Being Intentional:  Play Opportunities to Promote Development for Preschoolers (Webinar – will be offered beginning January, 2018!) – 5 hours, .5 CEU
Play is critical in supporting a child’s health growth and development.  While interacting with Children during play educators can facilitate and reinforce specific skill development. This course will provide guidance on intentional practices educators can use to scaffold children’s learning through play.

Leading with Vision – Distance Learning – .5 CEU
Articulating a vision for one’s work is the first step in the process of focused leadership.  This process includes engaging in ongoing critical self-reflection, assessing one’s vision in relation to practice, including staff and families, and designing a process to achieve the vision.  To work towards a vision, leaders must consider the dimensions involved which include; recognizing differences and supporting diversity in communication, interaction styles, and expectations.  The path to attaining a vision for one’s work is an ongoing process involving internal and external steps.  This training will assist leaders in defining, critiquing, and moving toward their vision for their work with children and families.

Using Visual Aids with Young Children – 5 hours, .5 CEU
Visuals aids (or pictures) are a useful tool for helping all children, but are especially valuable for children who have challenges with listening and attending, processing sequenced information, transitioning through daily routines, or children with challenging behavior.  Participants will learn why visual aids benefit learning, and will explore the many possible application for visual aids in an early education and care program.

Designing Professional Development Opportunities for Early Childhood & Out of School Time Educators – 5 hours, .5 CEU
Professional development should be engaging and effective. By laying the important groundwork for this type of professional development, we will have more competent educators, resulting in better outcomes for all young children.  This involves considering the following; who, what, when, where and how of high -quality professional development.  In this training, we will lay this groundwork by reviewing adult learning principles and the design and implementation of professional development opportunities for early childhood and out of school time educators. Information will be provided regarding applying for continuing education units and training credits.

IEPD offers a variety of workshops covering a wide-range of topics.  These workshops are 2-3 hours in length and will provide you with training hours.   Please check our catalog for more information.  


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Region 1

January 5, 2018 Children on the Autism Spectrum Location: MCLA, N. Adams
January 12, 2018 Children Under Stress Spanish. Location:  Holyoke Community College, Holyoke
January 12, 2018 Designing a Child-Centered Curriculum. Location:  Holyoke Community College, Holyoke

Region 2

November 10 – Responsive Environments for Infants and Toddlers Location: Worcester
November 10 – Strengthening Families, Level 1.  Location: Worcester

Region 3

December 9 – Using Observation to Inform Best Practices – Portuguese. Location: CTI, Lowell
January 24 & 31, 2018 – Being Intentional: Planning Play Opportunities to Promote Development for Preschoolers. Location: Webinar

Region 5

November 6 & 13 – Understanding Children with Special Needs and Their Families.  Location:  The Children’s Workshop, N. Attleboro
November 18 – Children Under Stress.  Location:  Westport Extended Day, Westport, MA
January 10, 17, 24, 2018 – Children on the Autism Spectrum. Location: Webinar

Region 6

December 2 – Intentional Teaching: Mathematics. Location: Boston
December 2 – Basic Computer Skills for Early Childhood Educators – Spanish. Location: Boston
December 2 – Children on the Autism Spectrum. Location: Boston


Did you know that IEPD offers training in a variety of languages.  We train in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.  Languages are listed under the course title in our IEPD Catalog.  Please call for more information.


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